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Precautions for buying paper cups

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1, color

In fact, this point and the "good-looking apple is not necessarily delicious," is a reason. Some cups look white inside, very clean. In fact, this is the effect of adding a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent. Although the addition of fluorescer will make the cup look very beautiful, but a large number of fluorescent agents will cause harm to human health. Suggest that everyone in the choice of paper cups, it is best to use the fluorescent light cup wall, if there is blue, then the fluorescent agent exceeded, or consider it!

2, cup-shaped

It is understood that high-quality paper cups filled with water can guarantee 72 hours without leakage, poor quality paper cups may seepage 30 minutes. So in the selection we need to pay attention to whether its shape is firm and not deformed, if the selected paper cup water deformation, or even can not get it, it is recommended not to choose. Because of this not only affect the use of paper cups, the quality is not very good Oh!

3, printing

"Cup mouth cup body within 15mm, the cup bottom should not be printed within 10mm cup body" This is the national GB / T 27590-2011 standards. Because there is no domestic direct contact with food ink. In order to avoid drinking water, the pattern of harmful substances into the mouth, when we choose or pay attention to the next print position!

4, smell

Some cups due to the poor quality of the ink and the material will be issued a very pungent odor, the use of it will be very detrimental to the body. So when choosing, try to choose those gentle or no smell of paper cups it!

Other considerations

If the paper cup damp will form mold, a great harm to people, so try not to use those damp paper cups Oh!

In short, I hope everyone can carefully remember the above purchase tips and methods, which can be purchased to a desirable paper cup Oh. In addition, I also hope that everyone will want more goods than three, in which case, have more opportunities to buy a suitable paper cup. If you still do not know how to buy, you can contact Tianyu Paper Oh. Finally, I wish you all a happy life.
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