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Paper cups challenge plastic packaging

Yogurt in the domestic market, most of the packaging materials for PP, PS and HDPE, etc., and paper cups packaging "Yogurt Yogurt," a market, will undoubtedly become the focus of yogurt packaging market. Flavors are not the first to use paper cups as yogurt packaging dairy companies, but it is the first domestic paper cups as "stirred" yogurt dairy business.

Yogurt has a set of yogurt and stirring yogurt points. Coagulated yogurt is the first filling and then fermenting products, due to the need to ferment after filling, so you need to have a certain packaging material heat resistance, able to withstand four or five degrees of fermentation temperature. PP, PS and other materials are prone to heavy plastic taste after heating, thus affecting product quality, therefore, most of the solidified yogurt glass bottles and ceramic bottles are mostly used for packaging. In order to facilitate transport, improve the grade and other factors, there are already some businesses will be frozen yogurt packaging into a paper cup.

Yogurt mixing is the use of fermentation after the first fermentation process, does not involve plastic packaging materials will be heated plastic flavor, etc. Therefore, PP, PS and other plastic packaging materials because of their lower cost advantages become the first choice for business. However, in order to improve the display effect of products on the shelf, the high-end market tasted "stirring" yogurt in the choice of packaging, printing better choice of paper cup packaging.

According to Mr. Liu introduced Shikoku, compared with some other such as PP, PS packaging materials, paper cups have a good printing adaptability in the paper cup printing can achieve very beautiful print quality, greatly improving the display of the package; and with respect to the Plastic packaging materials, the paper packaging products is undoubtedly more environmentally friendly, so the packaging of paper cups as yogurt is very popular in some developed countries. At present, the domestic use of paper cups as a yogurt packaging business is not a lot, but industry insiders are very optimistic about the development prospects of this form of packaging, that in the future it will replace the plastic and become the mainstream of yogurt packaging.

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