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Milk paper cups very convenient packaging

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Milk rich in nutrients, but also easily digested by the body, is a very good food. With the improvement of people's living standards and deepening understanding of dairy products, especially in recent years, with the development of science and technology, the types of dairy products are gradually increasing, the shelf life is longer, the convenience of carrying or drinking is enjoyed, and the public's favorite .

However, to choose the right packaging materials to extend the shelf life of milk to ensure the quality of milk products, but also conducive to the storage and transportation, which will help sales, dairy companies need to work hard.

High-quality packaging materials to provide a longer shelf life

The choice of milk. In order to ensure the quality of dairy products, we must pay attention to the health and safety of milk. Start with suppliers and control suppliers to strictly use food-grade raw materials and environment-friendly inks. When testing, they strictly implement the required standards so as to ensure product quality.

Use of oxygen barrier properties (ie, poor air permeability) of the package material. Film material used in milk packaging film is mainly polyethylene (PE) co-extruded film. The advantages and disadvantages of packaging materials on oxygen barrier properties, is the direct cause of milk shelf life. When the package items are exposed to the air, the molecules of oxygen in the air penetrate the inside of the package directly into contact with the milk through the molecular gap of the package. When the amount of oxygen permeated reaches a certain amount, the milk will deteriorate. With the development of the times, milk packaging from the original single-layer polyethylene plastic film bags to multi-layer composite film packaging. These multi-layer composite materials in the production process by adding polyvinyl alcohol or special coating, thus greatly improving the barrier properties of packaging materials on oxygen, the barrier (here specifically refers to the air permeability) by the production process, coating thickness, material composition And other factors.

In addition, the face of a wide variety of milk on the market, consumer demand and motivation to become the motivation of many dairy companies focus. Brand, price, nutrition and convenience have become the main factors considered by many consumers. Many companies consider how to tap and meet the needs of consumers as a hot product development guide.

Paper cup packaging has great advantages

Paper cup milk fresh, elegant, hygienic, convenient, stylish, giving a fresh feeling. Use it to package liquid milk or fermented milk in foreign countries, especially in Japan and Southeast Asian countries more. In the country is a new form of packaging. Last year in March by the Shanghai Guangming first application, welcomed by consumers.

Compared with other packaging paper cups with a convenient, innovative and high overall cost performance characteristics.

(1) Compared with the roof package, the paper cup package is more convenient and economical to use. The price of the paper cup package is lower than the roof package;
(2) Compared with ordinary glass bottled milk, it adds a little packaging cost, but greatly reduces the high complain rate of bottled milk and reduces the post-sale processing cost, which is beneficial to improve the corporate image and meet the needs of consumers at different levels;
(3) Compared with the plastic film bagged milk, the paper cup also adds some packaging costs, but the packaging looks elegant.

Due to the different sales targets of paper cups, roof bags, glass bottled milk and bagged milk, consumers are satisfied with the needs of new and old consumers, realizing differentiated sales, increasing the difference and bringing additional profits.

People's Republic of China light industry standard paper cups

A paper cup is a device for holding drinks, not a measuring cup, so there is no need for dosing and marking.

Grading the quality requirements of paper cups, of which A is the international advanced level, based on foreign physical test results and foreign enterprises based on the standard; B, etc. as the general international level, its technical indicators slightly lower than A, but higher than The only qualified level that can be used is C, which is the acceptable level.
This standard proposed by the China Light Industry Federation of Food and Paper.
This standard by the National Paper Standardization Center.
This standard was drafted by Zhuhai Zhongyue Paper Container Co., Ltd., China Pulp and Paper Industry Research Institute and Shanghai Paper Cup Co., Ltd.
The main drafters of this standard: Zou Ai Yang, Chen Xi, Xu Daoliang, Yang Yanzhong.

1 Scope

This standard specifies the food packaging paper cups technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, storage.
This standard applies to the surface covered with paraffin or polyethylene coating of various types of food packaging paper cups. The products are mainly used as cold, hot drinks and ice cream containers.

2 reference standard

The following standards contain provisions that, through reference in this standard, constitute provisions of this standard. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards will be revised, the parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest version of the following standards.
GB / T 2828-87 batch inspection count sampling procedures and sampling tables
Method of analysis of hygienic standard for raw paper used in food packaging GB / T 3561-89
GB 7189-94 food paraffin
Hygienic standard for polyethylene moldings for food packaging
Standard atmospheres for the treatment and testing of pulp, paper and board specimens
Hygienic standard for base paper for food packaging

3 product categories

According to the purpose of cold drink cup, hot drink cup and ice cream cup.
According to the capacity can be divided into large, medium and small three categories.

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