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What paper with paper cups

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Disposable paper cups, paper cups used in general. The so-called paper cup paper, paper than the average need more treatment on the seepage, but also because of direct contact with the mouth, need to reach food-grade standards. General paper in order to achieve whiteness, often add fluorescent brighteners, and fluorescent brighteners are carcinogenic, so the production of paper base paper can not add ordinary fluorescent brightener, only add food grade brightener. In addition, the production of base paper, the need for PE lamination (that is, the surface of the paper topped with a layer of plastic-like things), the purpose of the first PE is to leaching water seepage, and second, as the paper cup molding as an adhesive At the same time according to the different PE lamination, but also can be divided into single-sided PE coated paper and double-sided PE coated paper.
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